Quick Start


The following will help you get started using the OPAC.  If you need more detailed help, please go to the tutorial.


The new OPAC allows you to search for books, select them and have them sent to you or added to your request list using your id to login and using the bookbag feature.

Searching the Catalog

You can search the catalog by author, a single word in a book title, keywords, subjects, series, title, narrator or book number. 

For any type of search that you perform, you can narrow the results by the media format you would like to search by using the All Formats dropdown menu.   (Not all formats listed are available at all libraries)

After entering your search terms, press the enter key or select “OK Submit Search” to start your search.

Tip:  When searching by title; leave out the leading article, example: a, an, the. 

Search Results

Search results are displayed in a table with the following column headings:

·        “MEDIA” – the information in this column indicates which media format the title comes in.  Some media include: “Digital Books” that play in the digital player, “Cassette” that play on the cassette player, and “Braille” that are braille books.

·        Author – displays the author’s last name and first name.  Search results are sorted alphabetically by the author’s last name.

·        Title – Book titles that match your search terms

·        Title ID – the unique letters and numbers that identify the item. 
Tip: If you call the library to ask for a book, this number is the easiest way to identify the books you would like to request, example: DB55517 is a digital book.

·        Select – A toggle button appears at the end of each row.  The button has two statuses: “Select” and “Remove”.  When the button says “Select”, you are able to select that book to add it to your bookbag.  If the button says “Remove”, you have already selected this book; choosing “Remove” will remove the item from your bookbag. Adding Items to the Bookbag

After performing a search, you can then select books and add them to your bookbag.

1.      After you perform your search, your search results will be displayed in a table.  Each search result has its own row in the table.  At the end of each row is a toggle button that has the default status of “Select”.

2.      When you find a book listed that you would like to receive, click or press enter on the “Select” button to make your selection(s).  Once the book is selected, the button will then display “Remove”.

3.      Once you have the book(s) selected that you would like to receive, press enter or click the “Add Items to Bookbag” button that is located at the top of the search results page. 

4.      Your bookbag will now be displayed.  There are three buttons available under the login and the books you selected are listed in a table under these buttons.  The table displays which media format the book(s) are, the author, the title, the title ID, whether it will be sent now or later and a remove link.

The buttons perform the following:

·        “Send All Later”/ “Send All Now” - this is a toggle button.  This button determines whether your books will be sent out now (or as soon as available) or if they will be sent out later and simply added to your request list. 

Clicking or pressing the enter key on the button when it says “Send All Now”, indicates you would like books sent as soon as possible.  (This button only updates the table, you must still checkout books.) 

Clicking or pressing the enter key on the button when it says “Send All Later”, indicates you would like books added to your request list.  (This button only updates the table, you must still checkout books.) 

Be sure to check the Now/Later column to check when your books will send out.

·        Checkout – use this button to check out the books you have selected.  You will need to input your User ID and Password before you check out books.

·        Back to Search Results – this button will return you to your previous search results

5.      To check out books, put in your User ID and Password then click on or press enter on the Checkout button.  (You will need to obtain these from your library before you are able to checkout.)

If you have any questions or encounter any problems please call us at 1-800-992-9012, Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm .